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Well my lovely followers and everyone else, I’d like to let you know that I will be choosing a new bunch of the most FABulous blogs out there for my updated faves page! A lot of my fav blogs aren’t really my faves anymore since I changed blogstyles myself. I don’t say they aren’t beautiful blogs, some just aren’t my absolute favs anymore
to be considered:
reblog this post as many times as you’d like (and like if you want, I don’t mind)
follow me (sun-se) - I can’t force you to do so, but it’s fair enough.
have a stunning and active blog
be a FAB person
for a higher chance:
make sure you follow me on instagram
Post a paragraph on why you should be considered with some information about you as a person and tag it with ‘dinawatchthis’, (liked = read)
have a blog with the same kind of blogstyle as mine
reblog this post 23432+ times
perks of the faves:
your name with a link to your blog will be featured on this page (a bunch of viewers every day)
free (self)promos
blogadvice if needed/wanted
any help with html codes/polls/blogsitting
a new friend ^-^
I will pick a good amount of blogs when the notes are ready (probably somewhere at the end of March). I will personally fan mail or message every blog that is added to the page. When picked you must be willing to put a link to my faves page somewhere on (the homepage of) your blog. For any question you can message me here any time and I will make sure to help you as good as I can.
Happy reblogging!
l♥ve, Dina


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1. If you could change one thing in your life what would it be and why?

I think I would change the place where I was born because I just fucking hate this boring little Dutchland and I wish I’d grown up in a very special place.

2. If you could have all the power in the world, would you want it?

I don’t think so, I mean what could I even do with it?

3. What came first the chicken or the egg?

I’d say the egg because the chicken comes out of an egg but the egg could have been from an other kind of animal. (evolution yaknow)

4. What kind of emoji do you use the most?

Just a simple smiley face :)

5. If you could have anyone in the world to be your boyfriend/girlfriend, who would it be?

Austin Butler, he’s so handsome!

6. What law do you think should or should not be enforced (i.e. gay marriage should be allowed legally)

Yes I’d definitely go for gay marriage but I can’t really make up another one. We have a lot of rights here in The Netherlands but one thing that pisses me off is the compulsory education law because we have to be at school till 18 but what if you’re already so fucking done with it? well, they don’t care at all…

7. If you could kill someone without getting in trouble and no one finding out it was you, would you do it? Why?

Nope, because even the worst people have a beautiful soul. It just doesn’t show on the outside. I wouldn’t be able to see any soul die tho

8. What is your ideal day?

My perfect day would be waking up early to see the sun rise in another qountry which I’ve never visited before and spend the day exploring the world, taking pictures of beautiful scenery and amazing people. Picking flowers and putting them in my hair, listening to unknown music and just enjoying life without any concerns :)

9. What is it you want out of life?


10. Are you willing to put your trust into another persons hands?

It really depends on the situation and the person I will put my trust into haha


1. Do you own a diary?

2. When was the last time you were drunk? Tell me about it…

3. Are you more of a cactae or a flower person? 

4. Describe your taste in fashion.

5. Are you the heartbreaker or the heartbroken?

6. Do you accept (some of) your imperfections?

7. Do you have a ‘secret’ place of your own which you visit when you feel lonely or sad?

8. Favourite song of all times?

9. Are you a girly girl or a tomboy?

10. Tell me about the most beautiful dream you’ve ever dreamt?

Q: I hope your day is as bright as your smile

ahw thank you so much, that’s so sweet and I hope yours is as bright too!

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